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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Forced Housekeeping

Well today has been interesting.  It took 4 hours and talking to 26 people at AT&T to get them to admit what I have been asking them since December.  Yahoo, the provider of AT&Ts e-mail, has been changing my password thus locking me out of my email periodically since December.  The reason?  Apparently, they have reduced the number of emails one can send per day.  My email list of notifications is larger than that number therefore I am flagged as a spammer and shut down.  Right now I am completely locked out of the pop3 and smtp servers.
How do you respond when you are forced to deal with difficult apathetic people...
During the four hours of getting kicked around technical support, disconnected 6 times and misdirected about 7 times, I found that I had to stop and pray regularly that I would treat those of the 26 on the other end of the phone with dignity.  For the most part, by God’s grace I did, with the possible exception of the last guy who lied to me.  On him I hung up.

That is why this post is late and will not be broadcast by email.

The timing of this is really interesting.  I am leading a Bible study tomorrow morning on Ephesians 2, Friday I begin to facilitate training for a select group of men who want to be One Degree coaches.  I have learned that when I have significant opportunity/responsibility the enemy comes at me hard.  Today he took away four hours I was going to invest in Ephesians 2 and did his best to frustrate me, with some success, and blur my focus.

We are constantly at war, 1 Peter 5:8

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