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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Early, Intentional, and Consistent

Tonight was the session in our Parents Teach the Bible workshop when our kids come in to be interviewed by those who have set through the last seven weeks.  For about 50 minutes the participants peppered our four kids with questions along with one to Ranae’s husband and Brian’s fiance.
One of the men in the Parents Teach the Bible workshop tonight boiled down the evening to three words...
After the kids left the people asked Jenny and I questions for about 30 minutes more.  I was not able to cover the material I planned to cover.  The same thing happens just about every time.  The interaction validates all that we have been sharing with them for the past seven weeks.

After the kids left the room I asked the workshop what they thought.  One of the men said he boiled down what they said to three words: early, intentional, consistent.
  • He said it was obvious that we engaged our kids early in their lives in things of the Lord.  We did.
  • He observed that we were intentional in what we did with them.  Again correct.
  • He said that we were consistent in our approach.  Yes, but consistently flexible.
He nailed it.  And He has most of the message.  The thing that he did not repeat is that all four of the kids said multiple times that they saw my wife and me in the Word.
It is not hard.  It is important.

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