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Monday, May 6, 2013


As a new believer I was both ravenous and incredulous.  Ravenous about knowing more about Christ and the Word of God.  Incredulous both that those who I knew were believers had not shared the gospel with me and that the people I was around in the church were not as hungry or excited by the Word of God as I was.
If LeBron James analyzes his performance in basketball this closely, shouldn't we in the Church as well?

Hebrews 5:11 – 14 tells me that all of us are expected to become teachers of the Word of God.  James 3:1 warns us that we are to take that seriously.  It has not been my experience for the past 40 years that the Church produces many teachers.  Why is that?

I have seen many people express their passion and hunger for God’s Word.  There are not many who follow through.  Why is that?

In one of the business books I have read in the past few years – at this point I cannot remember which one it is – says something to the effect that we get the results the systems we put in place are designed to produce.  So if we are getting poor results; the system is designed to produce those poor results.

If we look closely at the results our churches produce, what do we see?  Are we satisfied?  If not, what has to change?

There is an interesting blog post by an author I have begun to follow closely.  There may be some application we can make in our churches.

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