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Friday, May 31, 2013


My passion is helping people; especially men get into the Bible for themselves.  Most have never been shown how to do that.  On one of Prof Hendricks messages he talked about his experience.  When he became a believer someone told him he needed to get into the Bible.  He asked him where to start and the person told Prof that it was all profitable just dive in.  So Prof did.  Right in the middle of Leviticus.  When he got disillusioned with that he turned to the back and hit the seals and wraths in Revelation.  He closed the book for two years.
We have to show people individually how to study the Bible.  Thoughts at DTTB.
It was not until a person sat down with Prof and showed him how to study on his own that he began to understand the scripture and grow in his walk with Christ.  Most men I know have never been shown how to study on their own.  They use guide books, videos, study Bibles, and commentaries to work through the text.  Folks will spend more time with the tools than they will with the text.  While all of those are helpful, it is essentially leading you through the work that another has done.  It is a barrier between you and the Word.

It takes time and persistence to show a man that he can get into the Bible on his own.  There is core belief that has been created through a lot of experience that one has to have some sort of special knowledge to understand the Word.  That ain’t true.  John 14:26 and John 16:13 say it ain’t.  But guys have to experience it for themselves.

It is really fun to see a guy figure out he can understand the Word on his own.

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