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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


A couple of days ago I was working through Psalm 139:23 - 24, you probably have the passage memorized.
Rather than try to fix ourselves.  We have to allow the Lord to do that...  Thoughts at DTTB.
I noticed some things I had not noticed before.  David asks the Lord to know David’s heart, to know his anxious thoughts, and to see his ways.  He does not ask him to reveal what the Lord sees to David.  David does ask the Lord to lead him.  So that could be construed as reveling but not explicitly.

My reaction to that was what is the use of that?  I want the Lord to tell me what He finds when he pokes around in there.  That way I will know what it is I need to work on to get better, more Christ like…  Then light began to dawn…

Working on me does not turn out so well.  That seems to be the point of Romans 7:19 – 25.  It seems like it would be a better plan to engage in the counterpoint of Romans 8:1 – 17.  That is follow Christ through the Spirit and allow His transforming work in my life…

It seems as if the best course is to release my commitment to improvement and trust that to the one who created me in the first place.

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