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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Victory Reconsidered

Yesterday I shared some thoughts that were a response for a friend’s funeral.  What was stunning about Clark’s celebration was the number of people that he had impacted present in the sanctuary.  It was awe inspiring and challenging.  But…

As I recorded my thoughts yesterday it was as if the Lord said, “Yes, it was great, but is it greater than the missionary who gave his life on foreign soil who did not have a service or even a burial?  Who served and died in an area where there was none to notice or come to celebrate their life?”
These men were killed by tribesmen whom they were trying to reach for the gospel... There were no crowds at their funeral, there were crowds cheering when they reached heaven...
This is in no way diminishes Clark’s life.  We would do well to imitate his passion.  But the nudge the Lord gave me reminded me that I tend to measure worth and value by measures other than His.  I look at quantity and other metrics; He looks at heart, 1 Samuel 16:7.  I get excited about crowds.  He is excited about faithfulness and a heart given to Him.  Clark’s was.  It just so happens that there were people who noticed and came to give tribute.  But the Lord had already approved.  It was not the approval or the numbers of the people that validated Clark’s life.  It was the words that the Lord spoke to Him, “Well done.”

The measure of our life is not in the accolades or notice of those in our community.  It is the validation of the One whom we serve.