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Monday, October 15, 2012

A Shocking Truth about Accountability?

In 1 Kings 21:22 we have a portion of God’s rebuke of Ahab through the prophet Elijah that should give any leader pause.  Apart from the murder and theft which precipitated Elijah’s assignment to rebuke Ahab we read that God is holding Ahab responsible for causing the nation of Israel to sin.
We are all leaders in some capacity.  If our choices as leaders cause others to sin, will we be held accountable?
In 1 Kings 16:29ff we read the stigmatization of Ahab’s reign Ahab “did evil in the sight of the Lord more than all who were before him.”  I am pretty sure I do not want that evaluation on my leadership by the Lord and I am relatively certain that all leaders will join me in that.

The question then becomes does God hold all leaders responsible for the actions of those whom they are leading or is this a special case that applied only to the kings of Israel.  It was Ahab’s policies and actions that caused the nation to sin.  God held him accountable for the nation’s response to his leadership.  There are leaders today at multiple levels, families, teams, businesses, churches, denominations, countries, all of those leaders make decisions, develop policy, and act.  If those policies, decisions, and actions, lead their organizations to sin or rebel against God, will they be held accountable?  What do you think?

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