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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


God’s Mercy and Grace are overwhelming and sometimes I notice them.  Early last Saturday morning I left the house to run an errand.  While I was gone my wife opened the Friday mail.  There was a check in the mail that, because of its amount, she thought was a distribution check from the non-profit umbrella that receipts gifts to Entrusting Truth.  It was not.
I am continually overwhelmed with God's grace...when I notice it.
When I got back to the house from the errand and saw the check it took a few seconds for my mind to adjust to what I was seeing.  The check was from one who had never given to the ministry and had limited exposure to what we are doing.  When it finally sank in I slowly sat down at my desk, leaned back, stunned by the graciousness of both the one who gave and the God who prompted them to do so.  As I thought through what had just happened I knew that I did not deserve this favor.  I was overcome that God would grant it.  My wife came into the office and reminded me that I needed to mow the yard.  Refocusing me on what needed to be done – she suggested I could be in awe pushing the lawn mower.  So I left the special demonstration of God’s grace…only it was not special.

All that God does for us is overwhelming.  He created this universe, holds it together, created each of us individually giving us gifts, abilities and purpose which He uniquely assigns to each of us.  When the race was estranged from Him through sin, He initiated the restoration of the rebellious people.  He sent His Son who emptied Himself and became obedient to death in order to accomplish that restoration.  Then He individually draws us to Himself granting forgiveness through the shed blood of His Son.  All that we have, all that we see, all that we will be we owe to His grace.  It was not special.  I just noticed it this time.

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