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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Open Mind?

Yesterday I suggested that perhaps the gospel is rational… but rational to whom?  Obviously Paul thought it to be so.  Richard Dawkiins not so much.  I am re-reading Tom Clancy’s book The Bear and the Dragon, among other things it is a study in contrast of the Chinese and American world views, and specifically the conservative American world view.  You may have had similar experiences as I have with this.  I have left meetings with people and if both parties were interviewed the one interviewing would swear that we were in different meetings.
We cannot change the minds of those who do not think that the gospel is rational, that is God's job...
That presents a challenge.  If it is the case that we are supposed to share the gospel with those who do not think that it is rational how are we to change their mind?  What can we say that will alter their perspective and move them to change their world view?  Not a thing.  It is not possible for us to convince someone to open their mind to the gospel.

That is God’s job.

Look at Romans 1:18 – 32 and John 16:8.  It looks like from those two passages that it is God that will engage with people to change their mind.  There are other passages that speak to this, Romans 8 – 11 is one key passage.

Engaging in changing someone’s mind is like trying to teach a pig to fly; it frustrates you and irritates the pig.  So if we cannot change people’s mind, how do we proceed?  Stay tuned…