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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Example of the Use of Comparison and Contrast

Yesterday I asked you to compare and contrast the messages of John the Baptist (Mark 1:4) with that of Jesus (Mark 1:15).  I asked you to make observations about the comparison and contrast of the two messages.  As promised here are mine:

  • This contrast is in the first 15 verses in what Mark calls the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • John’s message calls for an action, baptism, Jesus’ message calls for faith, believe.
  • Christ was baptized by John before He preached the Gospel of God.
  • Christ was impelled to go the desert to be tempted prior to preaching the Gospel of God
  • The gospel of God does not require baptism rather belief
  • This shift is the first New Testament declaration of salvation by faith alone.
  • The position of this shift at the beginning of Mark is significant for it sets the tone for the ministry of Christ, believe and accept that He is who He says He is.
Noting the structure of a passage opens up whole new avenues for observation...
These are just a few of many observations that can be made from noting the similarities and differences in the messages of John and Jesus in Mark 1:1 – 15.  There are many more.  The point is that noting the structure opens up and reveals more depth in the text than does a cursory reading.  If you choose to engage at this level the depth and the riches of the text will overwhelm you.