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Friday, October 26, 2012

Personal Revival

In Psalm 143 we get a glimpse into David’s heart as he cries out to God.  I have referred to this Psalm in an earlier post focused on 5 - 6.  In 7 – 12 we get a deeper glimpse at David’s passion for God.  Look at the verb sequence:
  • Answer me quickly
  • Do not hide your face
  • Let me hear 
  • Teach me 
  • Deliver me
  • Teach me
  • Lead me
  • Revive me 
  • Bring my soul out of trouble
  • Then two about David’s enemies.
To be revived we have to pour all out to God freely...
Focus on the cries that deal with David’s heart toward God.  I first was struggling with the order of the words.  It seemed to me that David needed to be revived first and then ask for the teaching and leading.  In talking this over with my wife she had a totally different take.  She said that it was a pouring out of despair and that I was over thinking it.  She is right on the first point.  Not sure on the second…  As I was reflecting on this perhaps what is happening here is that David is doing exactly what my wife said.  Pouring out all of his requests in desperation and at the end collapsing in desperation and surrender with the final revive me and bring me out of trouble.

The lesson for me is that I need to be freer in my prayer, to cast all of my thoughts before Him, with the final one a desperate cry to be revived in my love for Him.