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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Problem Solving 101

Problems are a fact of life.  Either in our personal life, our business, or our communities of faith.  In 1 Chronicles 19:8, 10, 13, the writer outlines how David dealt with a significant problem.  David’s approach seems to set for us a good example of how to deal with difficult problems.
Problem Solving 101

There seem to be three steps to David’s plan.
  1. David sent his best people to deal with the issue – he sent his best general, Joab, and his mighty men.

  2. David did not micro manage the problem – he let his best people deal with the issue based on their experience and gifts.  They dealt with the problem by:
    1. Subdividing the issue into manageable or rational parcels.
    2. Assigning the best people to deal with that subset.

  3. All, David, Joab, and the mighty men were strong and courageous in dealing with the challenge.
    1. They were not focused on getting glory for themselves.
    2. They were focused on:
      1. Getting glory for the Lord
      2. Protecting the People
This seems like an approach that will work for many of the problems we face in our personal, business, and communities of faith.