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Friday, August 4, 2017

On a Mission from God?

If you have seen the Blues Brothers, you know that Jake and Elwood tell people they are on a mission from God (the movie is crude, the music is great); if one were an objective observer, one would probably come to the conclusion that they were perhaps mistaken.
On a Mission from God?
1 Chronicles 17:6, David and Nathan made a similar error as Jake and Elwood.  David feels like he should build a house for the Lord.  Nathan thinks that is a great idea.  One the way home from David’s, Nathan hears from God, “Not so fast!” (it’s in the original).

1 Samuel 13:14 refers to David as a man after God’s heart.  Here, he was wanting to do something for the Lord which the Lord did not want him to do.  Nathan, is the one that confronts David about Bathsheba; he gets it wrong as well.

That made me wonder.  How many times have I engaged in something I thought that the Lord wanted me to do and yet He was not that interested in my doing that for Him?  I suspect that I have.

Two things emerge from thinking through this.  First, the need to seek Him and His heart fervently before I act for Him.  Second, I may, and probably will, like David, get it wrong at times.  The amazing and wonderful thing?  God’s lavish grace covers my errors, just as it did David’s.

1 comment:

  1. This led to some excellent meditation on my part; thank you, Mike. I can think of one major decision I made that ended up with what I consider a painful failure (not in sin) from which it has taken me years to recover (if I have yet). But in reality I realize that although perhaps a "bad" decision had been made by me and others who were behind it I've concluded that so many good things came out of it in terms of what I learned and the benefit to our family that it was simply a matter that God had something very different in mind for the assignment than what I (and leaders as well) had in mind.

    Perhaps if I were to be totally honest, it was not so much from the "failure" itself (although that was definitely significant), but rather that I knew so many others of my peers and donors considered it a failure.

    I still don't know which is worse. I can now say (decades later) I am thankful for it and very grateful for how God walked with us in strength and power and showed Himself faithful and present during some very difficult and challenging months.

    In the David/Nathan example you point out correctly in an encouraging way that God prevented David from making a well-meaning and significant error. I feel confident that in our case (Sharon and I were totally of one heart and desire in the decision) God did not prevent us from doing so. I take great encouragement in His grace and kindness in ruling my life - His way.