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Friday, August 11, 2017

Building the House – It is His House

The preamble to this journey was Psalm 127:1.  I am not into allegorical interpretation.  It seems that this Psalm has bearing on the building of the Church, the house of God.
Building the House – It is His House
There has been a lot written about church growth.  I worked for a time with one of the authors of three of those books.  We talked through the issues for many hours sometimes late into the night.

My wife and I have been in churches that are struggling and those that are thriving.  We have and are currently involved in efforts to create an infrastructure and a means to intentionally build leadership in churches both in our community, in the US, and in other countries.

One of the major lessons I am learning – I obviously haven’t learned it yet, because I keep having to be reminded – regardless of the size of the fellowship, if the Lord is not engaged in the “building” nothing is going to happen.

That is not, or should not be a shock to us.  After all Jesus told us in John 15:5 that we can do nothing apart from Him.  That probably applies to building His Church.

So in all of the previous and following posts on this subject, the baseline, the absolute necessity, whether we are considering building up our children in Christ, meeting one on one with another person, starting a small group, or starting a church dependence on, abiding in, prayer and petition to the Father through the Son is the starting point.

After all, this is His house, His story.