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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Building the House – Not for Us

Continuing the journey through 1 Chronicles 29:1 – 2, David gives the reason Solomon needs help and the work is so great.  The reason is twofold.
Building the House – Not for Us
The first part of the reason is that the temple, and by extension the Church, is not for man…we’ll pick up the second half of the reason tomorrow.

What we do in the Church, in the Kingdom of God is not about us.  We tend to forget this, well, I do.  It seems like there may be others who do as well.  There seems to be those who expect that being an apprentice of Christ will be of great material benefit for them; or they believe that it will give them great recognition.

There are those who then will promote themselves to the Body at large.  1 Peter 5:5 – 7 seems to suggest that self-promotion may not be a wise choice.  1 Timothy 6:3 – 10 also warns against this.

This is not about us.  This work we do, the gifts we are given, the opportunities we are given to serve are not for us, not for man.  Just like the assignment to build the temple was not about Solomon, not for man.

It is important to remember that.