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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

United in Battle

Earlier this year I was reading through 1 Chronicles 12:23 – 40, it was part of the reading plan I use for my devotional.  One of the things I have notices over the years, as my skill in Bible study increases; specifically, as I work at making more and better observations in Bible study, that “skill” spills over into all that I do in the Word, including my reading during my devotional times with the Lord.
United in Battle
One of the keys in observation is noticing repetition.  Read quickly through 1 Chronicles 12:23 – 40, what do you see repeated?

I saw three things that seemed to describe an effective group, body, division of an army:
  1. They came together – they worked as a team.  They each know how they fit into the whole.  They each have a crucial role to play.  They are not acting apart or against the objectives of the group.

  2. They have a multitude of weapons which they can wield expertly – they are not just in possession of these weapons, they are equipped.  That word is repeated often in this passage.  These are tried soldiers, not those who are not sure how to use what they have.  Rather, they are equipped, trained to be effective with their weapon.  They have a multitude of ways in which they can do so.

  3. They have an undivided heart – they are focused, not distracted, they know their assignment and are committed to seeing it through.
Reviewing this entry in my journal, Ephesians 1:22 – 23 came to mind.  Wouldn’t it be good if the elements of 1 Chronicles 12:23 – 40 described our local bodies?  That we would come together, equipped with a multitude of weapons, tools to expand the kingdom, and we were undivided in that focus.

The gates of hell would tremble.