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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Finding the best teacher...

This morning Judges 17:13 was on my reading project.  A couple of days ago someone posted a video on facebook of Francis Chan that I found fascinating (note while the heading mentions Jehovah’s Witnesses, that is not what I found interesting, the core of what Chan is saying starts with about 2:30 left in the video.  I highly recommended checking out that last 2:30).  The passage and the video reinforced each other.
Finding the best teacher
Reading through Judges 17:13 it seemed as if I was reading a commentary on what is wrong with many of our fellowships today.  Micah was thrilled that he had a real Levite priest.  He knew that the Lord would prosper him.  Never mind that he had built an altar to an idol he had created out of silver he had stolen from his mother.

How many of our fellowships are excited that they have a great pastor?  We have search committees to find someone who can really deliver.  Or we look for the best books, the best speakers – like Chan, Maxwell, Keller, Piper,etc…

But it isn’t about having the best preacher, the best teacher, the best author…  Their relationship with Christ, their study of the Word, their personal knowledge of Him, does not substitute for our relationship, our study, our personal knowledge of Him.

Jeremiah is also in my reading project this month.  In Jeremiah 31 we begin to be told about the new covenant.  You may know Jeremiah 31:33.  But look at Jeremiah 31:34.  Part of the new covenant is that we are not dependent on teachers to know the Lord.  It is His idea that we are personally engaged with Him.  He expects us to engage with Him in and through His Word.

Teachers, those who proclaim the truth of the Word, and great authors are valuable to us only if what they say supplements and drives us to dig deeper into the Word to validate what they have said.

To revel in having the best teacher like Micah reveled in having a Levite, an official priest, is a bit like ignoring the new covenant and returning to the old.

Not a plan that seems to align with the completed work of Christ.