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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Drifting Focus

Hebrews 13:13 – 14 got my attention a while back.  I tend to lose sight of the reality that what we have here, our homes, our cities, our countries are not eternal.  All of those are transient.  They will not last.  All one must do to validate that truth is travel to some “ancient” places in the world.  One will be there confronted with the ruins of those homes, cities, and in fact countries and empires that are no longer among us.
Drifting Focus
I forget that.

Matthew 5:6, 6:33, and Philippians 3:20 serve as a clear reminder of what our focus is supposed to be other than our current possessions and where those possessions reside.

Shortly after I trusted Christ this was made clear to me.  I was in Undergraduate Pilot Training in the Air Force.  I desperately wanted to fly RF-4 aircraft.  After trusting Christ, I became aware that the planes would, and in some cases literally, burn.  However, the people in those planes would exist eternally, either in the presence of the Lord or eternally apart from Him.

The Lord through time in His Word and the result of fellowship with others who were pursuing Him, changed my focus from the planes to the people, from the temporary to the eternal.

I find that there is a strong tendency for my focus to drift back to that which is temporary.  Based on what I seen in Paul’s epistles, that tendency is not limited to my experience.

If my experience as a new believer is instructive; then what we all need is to continue to abide in His Word and engage with a fellowship of people who are pursuing the eternal.

I need that.