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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Impact of a Father’s Decisions

Fathers are to lead.  In fact they do.  They either lead well or else poorly, but lead they do.  Fathers have a more significant role in the lives of their children than this world is willing to admit.  In fact it is one of the aims of the enemy to destroy families by having fathers abdicate their leadership.  However, abdication does not negate impact or responsibility.
Impact of a Father’s Decisions
This is starkly illustrated in many places in our Bibles.  One of the more graphic examples is found in Daniel 6:24.  There we read that the men who had conspired against Daniel were thrown into the lions’ den he had just vacated.  But they were not thrown in alone.  They were cast in with their wives and children.  They led their families into destruction.  Their choice to undermine and malign Daniel resulted in the complete destruction of their families.

Men today are doing the same thing.

By choosing not to follow Christ, they are leading their families into destruction.  1 Timothy is full of references requiring leadership, by following Christ, of men.  By choosing to place career or something else in front of their personal engagement with Christ as well as their families, they are leading them into the same pit.

It is the responsibility of leadership in the churches to equip men so that they do not follow the lead of those who attempted to destroy Daniel.

Might want to do a checkup in your community.

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