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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dodge Ball

My Thursday morning group is going through 1 Timothy.  We were in chapter 2 today.  There is a verse or two in there that cause heartburn.

If one continually studies topics or books about the Bible, one can dodge all of the tough passages.  Many of those who share messages week to week stay on topical series so they can dodge these types of passages.  After all, why stir up trouble?  The problem becomes that those under teaching like that are never exposed to the difficulties these passages pose and never have to grapple with how and what they reveal about our Lord and His desire for us as believers individually and corporately.

1 Timothy 2:12 is one of those passages.

What does one do with what Paul says there?  Regardless of all of the ink spilled to the contrary, what Paul says is clear.  The question then becomes why do many either ignore the passage or else work so hard to prove it does not mean what it says?

It may be that it just cuts too hard across our cultural mores.

So rather than come face to face with something that stands hard against the culture, we dodge the passage either by avoiding the subject or else investing enormous energy in denying what it says.

Spiritual dodge ball.

That seems to be a game more appropriate for children.

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