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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The First Time

Four years ago I attended my daughter-in-law’s graduation from medical school.  That is a big deal.  The next year my son graduated.  I do not remember who spoke at either graduation.  I do remember what the doc at my daughter-in-law’s graduation said.  I took notes.
The First Time
Typically graduation speakers are filler between the entrance of the graduates and the handing out of the diplomas or the hooding of the doctors.  He was an exception.

He was sharing with the soon to be residents that they would have a burden of communication thrust upon them.  They would be in conversations with people who were ill, sometimes critically.  They would be sharing information that they may have shared hundreds of times before.  It would be at some level routine for them.  For the patient it would be anything but routine.  It would be the first time they had heard those words.  It would be life changing because the words applied to them.

Yesterday, I shared I erred in giving an assignment to a friend in the Bible.  This was the error I made.  I had shared that process hundreds of times.  It was the first time for him.  Forgetting that, caused confusion.  He still benefited from what he did, but he did not have the experience for which I had hoped and prayed.

As believers, what we share is more important than what any doctor will ever share.  It is eternal life and death.  It may be routine for us.  It is not for those with whom they share.  We need to take it seriously and remember it may be the first and or last time they hear what we share.

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