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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Grace Unexpected

When we found out that I had cancer four weeks ago, while we were convinced of God’s sovereignty and plan, there were obvious questions about how this was going to impact us as a family.  I viewed this as adding logistical issues that we would have to work around to do what the Lord has led us to do.  But…
My wife and I met with the local oncologist Friday.  The lymphoma is stage 2, which doesn’t mean a lot in this case.  The type of cancer I have SLL, is common, slow growing, always found by accident, and sometimes not found at all.  The doc said that the spots around my windpipe may have been there 20 years.  So what do we do?

Short answer, nothing.

In six months I will have another CT scan and see if there is any change.  If there is, there may be treatment then.  If not I may not have another CT scan for six months or a year.  This used to be called “watchful waiting” now they call it “active surveillance”.  I think that sounds more like they are doing something.

So other than the periodic CT scan, there is nothing else right now.  So the logistic issues will be minimal.  That was unexpected grace, but that is what grace is, isn’t it?  Unexpected, undeserved favor.

We serve a good God.

PS. You may want to ask God if He plans on giving you cancer, to give you this one.