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Friday, May 22, 2015


Last week I shared that I had started a guy on a method to start abiding in Christ more effectively.  One problem.  I told him to start in 1 John.  He started in the first John he found, the gospel.  He read it all which was great, but the things I told him to look for were not in the gospel, so he was confused.
I assumed he knew the difference, big mistake.  I know better.  I forgot to explain the difference between the gospel and the epistles.  While reading John was profitable for him, the assignment confused him.  When one is helping someone learn to have a devotional time with Christ, adding confusion is not the best practice.

The point is – well you know what assuming does.  It was a stark reminder that I need to be explicit in explaining things to people.

Those of us who have been engaged in studying the Bible for many years forget that there were times in our Christian experience that we had to look in the index to find Nahum.

1 comment:

  1. Wednesday morning you referenced something from 1st Hesitations. When I went home I tried to find it and had trouble locating it. You really need to work on this!
    Seriously, as with any organization, profession, etc., we have our own terms, abbreviations and even language and need to be aware when we are using it around people who have no idea what we are referring too.