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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Courage of Trust

I am working through Daniel for the Wednesday morning Bible Study.  Working through the second chapter I began to notice a theme.  Daniel was one courageous dude.
The Courage of Trust
Think about this for a minute.  He has been uprooted from his land.  He does not have access to the temple, nor is there any indication of access to the Torah for him and his friends.  So there is no data that indicates that he had any other spiritual input other than the fellowship of his friends.

Yet as a young man he takes initiative to keep the Law of God even in the midst of an impossible situation.

Further when Nebuchadnezzar ordered the execution of Daniel and his friends, Daniel walked up to the executioner and asked why.  I mean, really?  Then, topping that he goes directly to Nebuchadnezzar, who ordered his execution, to ask for some time to consider his issues.

Thinking through this it occurs to me that Daniel’s courage was based on his trust in his God.  His certainty that God would come through in impossible situations allowed him to engage confidently and courageously with the reality that he was a prisoner of war with a death sentence hanging over his head.

I have some challenges in my life.  None as overwhelming as Daniel’s.  I am challenged and encouraged to trust God to deal with what looks to be impossible.