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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Not in Control

Yesterday my wife and I got up at about 5 AM to get to the airport and catch a flight to Colorado Springs.  I was scheduled to be part of a memorial service celebrating the life of the wife of one of my mentors.  We had been watching the weather closely all week.  It looked pretty good Friday night.  I checked the airlines when I got up and saw no delays at DFW.
Not in Control
But, it was snowing.

We made it to the airport easily.  We had precheck so security was a breeze.  When we got to the gate I was surprised to see a lot of people milling around.  There was someone there that I knew, and she told me they had loaded the 6 AM flight and then unloaded it.  I checked the airports again and now there was an hour and a half delay at DFW.  It was not the weather.  It was the streets.  After checking in the pilot told his crew – I was standing in line next to where he was briefing them – that American could not get enough employees to the airport to marshal and de-ice the planes.  The roads in the Dallas, Fort Worth area were that bad.

When it was my turn to speak to the gate agent.  She told me that my first leg to Dallas would go, late, but go, but while I had been waiting in line they had cancelled the flight from DFW to Colorado Springs.  She worked for about 15 minutes checking every airline but could not get us there in time for the service.

So we went home.

I sent the manuscript of the remarks I had prepared to my mentor and one of the men who I knew was already there.  It was read during the service by one of my mentor’s associates.  Frankly, I am not sure I could have gotten through it.  I struggled each time I practiced, and that was in an empty room.  With the family looking at me, I am relatively certain it would have been orders of magnitude more difficult.

I was honored to be asked to share.  I invested a fair amount of time in preparation.  It looks as if we will not get a refund on our rental car and hotel, it is still questionable that we will get our award mileage returned to our account.  I was – well disappointed is not really it – not sure how to describe it.  Resigned I think best sums it up.  I know for sure I do not understand why the Lord did not allow us to go.  I am at peace with it – except I will never use again, that was a major lesson.

My wife and I were looking forward to supporting the family.  But, based on what I know about my Lord, this was better.  I really do not understand why.  But one thing I do know, I am not in control.

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