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Saturday, February 28, 2015

No Half Measures for Pros Only?

Yesterday I shared some observations on 1 Timothy 4.  There Paul exhorts his spiritual son to hard work in following Christ.
No Half Measures
Specifically he instructs Timothy to:
Verse Instruction
6 Be a servant of Christ
Be nourished on the words of faith
Follow sound doctrine
7 Ignore worldly fables
Discipline yourself for godliness
10 Fix your hope on God
Be an Example
11 Prescribe and teach these things
13 Pay attention to reading, exhortation, and teaching
14 Do not neglect your spiritual gift
15 Do not neglect these things
Be absorbed in them
16 Pay close attention to yourself
Pay close attention to your teaching
Persevere in these things

Now Paul and Timothy were the pros, right?  So this focus applies to them, those who are leaders in the Body.  For those of us who are simply members of a church this just does not apply…  Well, look at Paul’s exhortation to Timothy in verse 11, “prescribe and teach these things”.

Timothy is supposed to tell those in the Ephesus church to do these things, and teach them how.  Seems like Matthew 28:20, Ephesians 4:11 – 16, and 2 Timothy 2:2.  We are not off that hook.  We are to be all in.