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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Warrior’s Book

I really like David Murrow.  If you are not familiar with his book Why Men Hate Going to Church , I would highly recommend it.  Recently he wrote his blog his take on why most men do not read their Bibles.  While my experience agrees with his assessment, I don’t get it.
The Warrior’s Book
I was reading and thinking through Psalm 63:1 – 2 this morning and David’s post was sort of playing in the background of my consciousness.  David is in the wilderness hiding from Saul.  He is a warrior.  He has killed 10,000 Philistines, he has attracted a group of mighty men, warriors all.  As a king he is a fearsome leader of his armies.  He is not the only one in the Old Testament who was that type of man.  Abraham, Joshua, and Caleb.  There were some kick butt judges, Gideon leaps to mind and Samson.  Saul was a disaster as a king but a warrior nonetheless.  The prophets were tough as nails, especially those who stood against the nation’s apostasy.

The Bible is full of writing by warriors to warriors.  But David is correct men, for the most part, do not engage.  I find that fascinating.

We find women all over the book.  That is interesting because the book is full of battles, gore included.  A book written by men who were warriors attracts women?  What is that about?

I wonder if it is because we have not explained the Book to men very well.  I wonder if it is because we suggest reading it without giving much guidance as to where a good place to start might be.

I do not find it boring at all.  Challenging, yes.  Difficult to understand, sometimes.  But it is written by warriors about a God who is also a warrior.  I want to know that Warrior better.  So I study…

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