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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

With Him, Intentionally

I have always known that Christ having the 12 with Him was a key component of Mark’s message, I just did not know how key.  There are at least 19 references to Christ intentionally having the 12 or some subset of the 12 with Him while He was conducting His ministry.
With Him, Intentionally
That is significant.  The gospel is only 16 chapters.  That is essentially once in each chapter and I did not count some that were repeated allusions to this idea.

It is clear that Christ was intentional about spending time with these men.  He was intentional about explaining things He was doing, even when they remained epically clueless.  He intentionally took them to see things that He excluded others from seeing.  He was building into their lives.

Two things come from this for me.  First, if I want to have an impact on my family, my wife, my kids, and the broader sphere of influence I have in my community, I had best make it a priority to spend time with Him.  The only way I know how to do that effectively, is to intentionally make spending time praying over His Word a priority.

Second, if I desire to have an impact on my family and my community, I have to be with them and they have to be with me.  They have to see me in the Word.  They have to experience my prayer life.  My character that has been formed by my time with Him.

Any other effort will fail.

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