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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Advantages of a Group Bible Study

You ever get stuck on a passage in the Bible you just could not figure out.  I have several times.  Most recently Mark 9:29.  The spirit, demon, would only come out with prayer.  But Christ did not pray…  What is going on?
Advantages of a Group Bible Study
So we were talking about that this morning in our Bible study.  I verbalized the question to the group and we began to discuss the possibilities.  I do not remember who said what but someone said something that triggered a different perspective on the passage.

The father of the boy came to the disciples and asked them to cast out the spirit.  They could not.  He then asked Christ, admitting he needed Christ’s help with his faith.

The request to Christ was prayer.  That was the connection I missed.

The interesting thing to me is that scenario is something that we do nearly all of the time.  When we have problems what do we do?  We try to solve them by either our effort or else we go find one of our friends or associates who may be able to help.  Like the father came to the disciples.

But like the father, it is not until we come to Christ and ask for His help that anything substantive will be done to solve the problem.

This emerged as the different gifts of those in the study were engaged in the discussion after all had struggled with the passage.  That has happened three times in the last week.
We need each other.

We need each other struggling with the Word.  We need each other’s insight.  It is the gift of the Body.

If you are not engaged at this level, you should be…  It will blow your mind.