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Thursday, February 5, 2015

It is not about…

The first four words in Rick Warren’s, The Purpose Driven Life, pretty much nail it, “It’s not about you.”
It is not about…
Somehow we seem to get that mixed up.  We think, well I do, sometimes, that God does all that He does for our benefit.  I was reminded of that yesterday in Ezekiel 36:21 – 32.

Twice in that passage God declares to Israel that He is not acting on their behalf but because His name has been smeared.  There wasn’t anything about the people that suggested that they should be redeemed.  No, He redeemed them because of His agenda.

Sometimes we tend to think that God is there only for us.  He is there to give us what we want when we want it.  Some branches of the theological tree are more in this camp than others.  That does not seem to be the message of Ezekiel here.

We are in His story.  This is about Him.  He acts based on His interests; consistent with His character.  It is about Him, not us.

1 comment:

  1. Know it my head; need to get it in my heart!

    Considering how what God does is to advance His glory (always) it helps me realize what a pitiful understanding I have of His glory.....