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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Still Helpless

It is interesting how things in our lives cycle back.  About ten months ago I wrote about being helpless.  I still am.  I still do not like it.
Still Helpless
I am a fixer, a doer, an engineer by training.  I fixed three things this morning.  Three projects that required thought and in two cases design effort.  I fix stuff.

There are things that I can’t fix.  Things happen about which I am passionate, yet I am helpless to make a dent in the challenge.

That is neither pleasant nor acceptable for a type A personality.

My 92 year old dad is dealing with cancer, I can’t fix that.  My 4 month old granddaughter’s eyes are not communicating to her brain so she can’t see, I can’t fix that.  Doesn’t matter how much I plan, how much WD-40 I use or how much duct tape I apply, it won’t make a difference.

But there is something I can do, I am just not very good at it.  Pray.

I am in the middle of a study in Mark.  I have noticed that when people came to Christ for help.  They did not use a lot of flowery words.  They just begged for help from One whom they were pretty sure could help.  When they were not sure, they asked for Him to help them be sure.  The common theme is that they were desperate and helpless.

I can do that.  Because like all those people Mark records, I am desperate and helpless.  About a lot more than I shared above.

The hopeful thing is, I am coming to the same person they did.  He did and still does some fairly amazing things.  Healing deaf and dumb people.  Restoring sight.  Raising the dead.  He can probably handle my helplessness and at the same time help me with my unbelief.

That is good.