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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Making an Idol of God’s Gifts

Last Sunday one of the messages at our church was that we worship what we fear.  The idea is that what we fear to loose is what we worship.  Be it our jobs, our homes, our family, our cars, our wallet, does not matter, what we are fearful of losing we worship.
Making an Idol of God’s Gifts
This morning I was meeting with a pastor in Jeremiah 24 – 25.  There we read that the Lord is about to use the Babylonians to take Judah out of the land into exile.  We were contemplating what could be the reason that God was taking His people out of the land that He had promised them.  What was up with that?

You ever have the tumblers just click in place?  I connected the dots between the message Sunday and God’s action here.  It occurred to me that the Jews were in love with their land.  They did not want to lose it.  They resisted Jeremiah’s message that they were going into exile for years; to the point of abuse.

They were afraid of losing the land, Jerusalem, the temple.  More afraid of that than they were of losing God.  In fact they had abandoned His Word.  They were comfortable in the land that God had given, comfortable in His gift, but moving away from Him.

So He took the gift away.  He took it away for 70 years.

There is a lesson here for me.  I need not to get fixated on the gifts that God has given me, either material or spiritual, and move my fear from losing Him to losing the gifts He has given.  He will respond.  Hebrews 12:7 – 13 promises He will.

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