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Sunday, March 29, 2015

In Christ

This morning was the last Sunday for the class I have been facilitating on Free Will vs Predestination.  As I promised at the beginning of the cycle, we did not solve the issue; but then that was not the point.
In Christ
The point was why do we believe what we believe?

The great thing was that I sensed that people left with more questions than when the class started.  Which was one of my objectives.

One of the questions that came up at the end of the class was one of the more crucial questions with which all believers should grapple.  One of the ladies asked something about how – well I can’t remember the question, and I went back to check the recording and realized that my recorder did not get the class, so I do not remember what she asked, but it is the answer I want to share.

The answer to the question was that as believers we are complete in Christ.  That is true positionally.  Most of us don’t get that and thus we spend an enormous amount of energy trying to gain Christ’s favor when He has already completed us in Him.

This would be a great study for you.  Start in Ephesians 1 and then take a look at Colossians 1.  There is a really significant thread through Colossians starting in 1:28 then 2:9 – 10, and ending in 4:12.  If you have a Bible program that allows you to check the Greek, do so, if not go to Blue Letter Bible, look up the verses and click “tools” to the left of the verse.

If you have questions do not hesitate to let me know.

1 comment:

  1. Identity. Is it possible to be human and not struggle with that issue? Someone more theological than I would need to vote on this, but I think I sense that in Genesis 3. From being one perfect union, all of a sudden Adam and Eve were ashamed and needed to hide. We've been hiding ever since.

    On the human level those who deal with the grieving say identity is upended for any kind of grief. Some types are more easily seen than others, a spouse for example.

    I was a bit blindsided to realize last week that I am in a full blown major identity crisis.Of course some of it is obvious; the other half of my flesh has been torn out and taken away. In reality I'm less than even half of who I was.

    But another dimension I suppose is raised in this post, and I need to think about it for a while. What we believed God had called us to when He moved us to Colorado to immerse in the ministry He had for us here, He called us together. He gave us our house to use together, complementing each other in the use of it. She was an essential part of the overseas work God had called us to. And we both had that sense. Without her, I can't begin to do what we did, what we were both loving and fulfilled to do.

    So where does that leave me? Well, rejoicing greatly in her blood-bought ticket into glory with Christ for the rest of eternity. And I weep over that frequently.

    But the sense of loss is physical, emotional and spiritual. Thankfully I cannot "feel" the real impact of that. But the implications continue to crash around me. I just moved the printer out of her office to mine so it would be easier to use. And wept the whole way. One friend calls that "being ambushed." I am ambushed often, daily, often several times.

    So,what about my identity in Christ? Do I feel I need to please Him to be accepted? Not as far as my deceptive heart can tell. But I desperately WANT to please Him, in my grieving, my relating to my family, and eventually in what He wants me to give the rest of my life to. I remember often, and remind my family, that we don't hold on to Him; He holds us.... John 10:27-29.