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Sunday, March 29, 2015

In Christ

This morning was the last Sunday for the class I have been facilitating on Free Will vs Predestination.  As I promised at the beginning of the cycle, we did not solve the issue; but then that was not the point.
In Christ
The point was why do we believe what we believe?

The great thing was that I sensed that people left with more questions than when the class started.  Which was one of my objectives.

One of the questions that came up at the end of the class was one of the more crucial questions with which all believers should grapple.  One of the ladies asked something about how – well I can’t remember the question, and I went back to check the recording and realized that my recorder did not get the class, so I do not remember what she asked, but it is the answer I want to share.

The answer to the question was that as believers we are complete in Christ.  That is true positionally.  Most of us don’t get that and thus we spend an enormous amount of energy trying to gain Christ’s favor when He has already completed us in Him.

This would be a great study for you.  Start in Ephesians 1 and then take a look at Colossians 1.  There is a really significant thread through Colossians starting in 1:28 then 2:9 – 10, and ending in 4:12.  If you have a Bible program that allows you to check the Greek, do so, if not go to Blue Letter Bible, look up the verses and click “tools” to the left of the verse.

If you have questions do not hesitate to let me know.