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Saturday, March 21, 2015


I am not a fan.  In college I had a history professor who was able to put us in the 4th stage of anesthesia within 5 minutes of entering the classroom.  He ALWAYS walked into class, took off his Stetson and placed it on the podium to his left.  He then set his notebook down, opened it to where he left off the previous period, and began reading his notes, NEVER looking up…  I was usually asleep before his hat touched the podium.
I could not have cared less about the dates, people, events, he droned on and on and on and on and on and on about.  I was a Civil Engineering major…  I was into concrete, steel beam design, soil mechanics…  But I had to pass this…

Once I roused from slumber long enough to ask him – in itself a risk, for most of us thought he was a carrier of narcolepsy – how to do better in his class.  He told me to find something in which I was interested and then try to follow its development through history…  Epically unhelpful.  I would have to dig through my files to find my transcript but I am pretty sure I eked out a C in his embalming room.

Fast forward 46 years.  I am studying Daniel.  I spent about 3 hours this morning constructing a timeline for the Babylonian empire, indicating the reigns of each of its emperors, including the first few Medes, and tying the content of Daniel to that timeline.

It gave me insight into the structure of the book.  I saw things I would have missed otherwise.  I had to dig through several resources to figure out which ruler was when, and their names are not always spelled the same.

I guess the somnambulist was right after all.