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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


For about the past year I have been working with a pastor in another country, and a group here, Mentorlink to translate Days with Jesus into a tribal language.  Today the project finished.  All that is left is the distribution of the material.
Click to see a sample
Click here to see a sample of what has been translated.
What is cool is that this will go on feature phones and can be shared phone to phone via Bluetooth.  In other countries this tool has gone viral quickly.  It allows people with low literacy to interact with the Bible.

It has been a while to get this done.  But I am excited about the possibilities.

Our conference call this morning spanned 6 time zones.  I meet with men each week through video conference to study the Word.  In a few weeks we will launch training for a ministry I am involved in, on line.  I have met with men in Pakistan and Moscow online.

The project we just finished has the potential to reach 1000’s of people in the target country.

The tools we have at our disposal at this time in world history are phenomenal.  We can literally meet one on one with anyone in the world that has a feature phone with a camera.

The only barrier is our imagination.