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Friday, March 13, 2015

Flinging Truth

There are a things that really bother me.  Some of those things are trivial, like people who drive in a manner that seems to indicate a sub-simian intellectual capacity.  While that upsets me, frankly it shouldn't, it is trivial.
Flinging Truth
Then there are those who behave as is described in Daniel 8:12 and Psalm 50:17, flinging truth to the ground and casting His Word behind them.

I could name names, but I won’t.  Suffice it to say that some who are well known do this on a regular basis.
But we seem to do it as well.


Well, when we base our actions and thinking on what we think is best, without having our minds transformed by the Spirit through abiding in the Word of God.  When we share what we think on an issue about which we have formed an opinion sans either time in the Word or prayer.

Truth is the domain of God.  If we hope to approach truth in our thinking, if we hope to act in truth, doesn’t it seem rational, to check with the source prior to issuing vast statements about what we consider to be true?

Further, it would seem that since the One who knows the truth is eternal, infinite, all knowing, and we are not.  Some of our understanding of the truth may need correcting from time to time.  It seems then that we need to hold what we believe to be true, at some level, tentatively.

If we do not we may be flinging truth to the ground and casting God’s Word behind us.  I do not want to stand before God and give an account for behavior of that sort.

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