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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Have you ever had a garden?  If so you have prepared the soil and then sown the seeds for the vegetables you wanted to grow.
Then every day you went out to dig up those seeds to see if they had begun to grow.  You really put effort in to help them sprout.  Further, you kept loosening the soil over the seeds and reached down and pulled the shoots up through the earth.


Of course not.

You may have watered the garden and pulled a few weeds but you had no control over the seed sprouting and growing.

When it comes to our kids, we have the same issues.  The lessons we want them to learn, the things we share with them are like those seeds.  Many times though we work really hard to help those seeds sprout in our kids or the people God has brought into our lives to help.  It doesn’t work any more effectively in people than it does in our garden.

We just plant the seeds and wait for the growth.  Mark 4:26 – 29 tells us this is our task.  We do not know which seeds we plant will sprout, nor do we know when.

Some we may never see grow.  Some will not only grow but flower and produce seeds that are planted in places we will never go or see.

Our job is to sow.