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Saturday, April 28, 2012


A day or so ago I wrote about being dry in my relationship with the Lord.  I am not sure how you deal with that, but this morning I was thinking through that and some things became clearer for me.  I do not know about you but sometimes the Christian life becomes somewhat of a chore.  The prayer list gets longer.  Answers do not seem to be coming.  I feel somewhat useless since those prayers are not getting answered.
We are renewed and refreshed when we cast all of our burdens on Him.
Sometimes I take on that  burden.  It is like if I do not pray enough then the things on the list will not happen.  It becomes overwhelming.

This morning I was feeling that way.  I stopped and just gave it up.  I spent time just giving all of it to the Lord.  I got in a position of surrender of all of the things that were on my plate or that I had added to my plate.  1 Peter 5:7 tells me that was what I was supposed to do.  Cast that all on Him.  Not take those burdens, but rather receive His grace.  That is refreshment.  That is renewal.


  1. Mike,
    In light of this past week, I'm counting 100% on His grace. I don't do well praying for myself (except begging for forgiveness and mercy) and so I don't always get the 'chores' done either. There are many other needs even greater than mine.

    I'm praying that I will have a chance to witness for the Lord in a positive way to whomever will listen and through my actions in the coming period of time that I will be granted.

  2. Surrender and grace - that seems a lot like a spiritual "dynamic duo!"

  3. An important reminder. Thank you!

  4. An important reminder. Thank you!