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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Greater Works

This morning we got into a discussion on John 14:12 – 14.  This is one of the passages that really bothers me.  One of the guys in the group mentioned the verse and commented that he was not sure what it meant that those who believe would do greater works than Christ.  There were a couple of comments and the group moved on.
Christ said if we believed we would do greater works, then He told us to take the world, if we are not, what does that say about our faith?
I was stuck.  I asked the group if they thought that Christ was kidding.  Was this hyperbole?  That started a somewhat lengthy conversation.  The guys talked about doing acts of kindness as miracles and great works to those in need.  I could not agree more with that.  A group of about 240 people from our church recently went to a depressed part of the city and did about 700 man hours work on an elementary school, a park, and a church in the area.  It made a big impact on the community.  However, I am not sure that is what Christ had in mind.  He said that those who believe in Him would do the works that He did.  Seems pretty clear.

I find myself in negotiation with the text to make it attainable.  I like the idea of giving someone a cup of water or a warm blanket a whole lot more than upsetting the world Acts 17:6.  That seems a whole lot easier than making disciples of all nations, Matthew 28:18 – 20.  So I have to ask myself if I am not doing these things, these greater works, what does that mean, it seems to indicate that I am not one who believes.