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Monday, April 16, 2012


Yesterday we talked about the reality that you do not need to know Greek and Hebrew to make good observations in the text.  I stand by that.  However, if like me you are drawn to dig deeper, your observations can be enriched by looking past the translations to the original languages.  The good news, if you choose to do this, is that the internet has made what used to take me 5 or 6 reference books to do, a matter of a few clicks.  Additionally, if you are so inclined and have the resources there are programs that you can purchase that will give you most of the information in one click.
Identifying the verbs in a passage is a good place to start if you want to look at the Greek.
Probably the easiest and most helpful place to start if you are interested in diving in, would be to identify the verbs in the passage you are studying.  In both Greek and Hebrew the verbs carry a lot of the burden of what the author is saying.  The easiest way to identify the verbs it to use a resource like an online interlinear Bible.  Note in the example in verse 3, underneath the first word is the legend V-PIA-1P, if you hover your mouse over that you will see that it means Verb – Present Indicative Active – 1st Person Plural.  Ok, now what.  Google “Greek Present Indicative Active.”  You will find a lot of entries.  Look at a couple and see what you find.  There are some that will give quick overviews.

This is a place to start unraveling the originals.  What I just described I did prior to studying Greek formally, but where this will take two or three websites, it would have taken me about 30 minutes to an hour and 3 rather large books.

If you would like more information about how to do this let me know.