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Friday, April 27, 2012

Impact or Faithfulness

If you are like me you are interested in having an impact on the world for the kingdom of God at least at the level of knowing that your kids are walking with Christ.  So you engage in what you do to make that happen as do I.  So what if you do not see any progress?  What if what you are doing does not seem to be working?  Your kids are not responding the way you hoped, or the things you are doing to reach other people, your teaching of Sunday school, or that Bible study you lead, or that neighbor you want to share with, do not seem to be responding.  What now?
What do we do when things we are doing for the Lord do not seem to be making a dent?
Certainly, we need to pray when things do not seem to be working.  Perhaps there is a change that we can make to what we are doing to be more effective.  However, is it the final evaluation of our worth if what we are doing does not have the impact for which we hoped?  I wonder if that is not the world’s standard.  I wonder if that is not a subtle embrace of a performance measurement.

Think about Ezekiel’s assignment, Ezekiel 4:1 – 8, lie down on your left side for 390 days and then turn over and lie on your right side for 40 more.  I am betting that Ezekiel was feeling really impactful about then.  But the deal was that God was interested in Ezekiel’s faithfulness then.

Sure I should seek to be more effective.  But we are to be faithful to what we know God wants us to do regardless of whether we see the impact or not.