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Monday, April 23, 2012

Model, Engage, Flex

A couple of weeks ago during the next to last session of the 10 week Dads Teach the Bible workshop. My sons came and were interviewed by the men. My daughter came the next week. At the end of the interviews one of the men said something similar to, "So what you are saying is that your parents modeled this, they continually were engaged in trying to teach you, but they were flexible in how they approached this." The kids paused for a moment and answered in the affirmative.
To teach our kids we have to model, continually engage, and stay flexible.
I could not have summarized what I hoped would come out of the 10 weeks more effectively.

As I have said over and over in this blog one cannot reproduce something in their kids that is not in their own life. If we are going to teach them the Bible, it has to be important to us. Secondly, our kids needs and interests change over time, so if we are going to succeed in getting them interested in the Bible it will have to be consistent effort over the entire time we are in contact with them. Further, since their interests and capacities change we will have to alter our approach for each child. As you know they are all different.

This is not an easy assignment. To tailor instruction for individuals requires a strong grasp on the content. It requires much from the one engaging in the task. But the other reality is that what you learn in pursuing your kids also equips you to pour your life into other people.

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