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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dry Again

Do you ever have days that are when it comes to your relationship with God is just dry (I wrote about this earlier in a post - Dry)? Today is like that for me. I have spent time in the Word and prayer this morning. The time in the Word was ok, but the prayer seemed not to make it to the ceiling.
Christ is still there when the times are dry.
It is hard for me to imagine that I am that insensitive but it seems that I am. I open the Word and come into the presence of the overwhelming presence of the majestic God, the creator of the universe, and by the way me. He who has the answers. He who sent His son to die so that we can have this time together. Rather than being a rich time of refreshing, it is a chore. What is that about?

At some level I feel like Peter did after the crucifixion when he told his buds (John 21:2 - 3), "I am going fishing." You know this is not working, I am going to go do something else. The really good thing, the amazing thing, Christ came after them.

That gives me hope. When my time with Him is dry, when I want to do something else, He still is engaged.