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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Think Resisted

The hornets are swarming.  There is not a way of which I am aware to share with you what has happened.  When my facebook “friend” posted the quote by Nye (see yesterday and the day before) I suggested in a reply that Nye had denied the science he was promoting.  My “friend” asked how.  Yesterday morning I replied with much of the same content that was in yesterday’s post.  Late yesterday afternoon facebook notified me that there was a response to my reply.  Boy was there.  Three people wrote about 10 times more than I in response; mine was long.
Truth is resisted, strongly.
The interesting thing here is that the responses did not address what I said.  Like Nye’s original statement, they were logically fallacious; primarily full of red herrings.  They responded passionately addressing me on positions that I had neither taken nor mentioned in my reply.  Sound familiar?

A cursory read of the Gospels and Acts reveals the same response to Christ and the apostles.  Obviously I am neither.  The point is that when one ventures to say something in defense of the Gospel, there will be resistance.  Paul was stoned, left for dead, lashed, beaten with rods for sharing his faith (1 Corinthians 11:21 – 12:13).  When we or our kids take a stand for Christ, no matter how small, there will be a response.  The world does not like to hear that they need to come to Christ.  They do not like to hear that they are not in control.  They tend to attack the messenger.  That does not relieve us of the privilege of sharing our faith.  It is incumbent on us to equip our children to stand firm.

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