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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Group or One on One?

During the Tuesday morning meeting this week one of the things we kicked around was how to best engage men in moving forward in the Word.  There are three options, a workshop like we are about to finish, small groups, or meet one on one.
Is meeting one on one or in a group the better way to engage men in spiritual growth?
The Workshop is  great for quickly exposing the men and giving them practice with the tools but the problem is how to sustain the learning after the workshop is done.  Small groups can do that.  The benefit of a small group is that there are multiple gifts and experiences engaged in the pursuit of the Bible.  The men in the group will benefit from that interaction.  The downside of a group is that as the group exceeds 7 and approaches the practical limit of 15, it becomes easier for men to hide.  That is to not do the work in preparation and still attend.  Sure there will be some value through osmosis, but there will not be much life change for the one hiding.

That is the advantage of meeting one on one.  One cannot hide.  It becomes rapidly apparent if one of you is not prepared.  The conversation can be more direct since there is just two.  Strong bonds will form.  The disadvantage is that the weaknesses of the leader will not be countered by the multiple gifts of other men.

It seems to me that the answer may be a combination of both, meeting in groups with the leader also meeting one on one with the group members.  What do you think?  Why?

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