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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kinda Obey

This morning during a discussion on 2 Peter 2:20 – 21 one of the men shared a situation that is all too common in our churches.  A man had abandoned his family.  He had done that on the basis that his needs were not getting met.  He is still attending church and claims to be a Christian, and that even though he knows that what he is doing is sin, God will forgive him.  So here is one who is flagrantly disobeying scripture and “hiding” behind the forgiveness of God to do so.  What does one do with that?
Is it OK to disobey if we can explain why?
As a body we are not handling these types of situations very well, at all.  The mantra heard over and over is that we are not supposed to judge… really?  In 1 Corinthians 5:11 – 13 Paul gives explicit instruction to remove a “believer” from the assembly for immorality.  Jesus, in Matthew 18:15 – 17, precedes Paul with the same exhortation and process.  As believers we are to hold each other to a higher standard.  Why?  Because we are supposed to be different.  We are supposed to take seriously what God says.  We are supposed to be different from the world around us, not seeking to explain away our disobedience but to confess it and repent from that action.

Is it any wonder that those outside the Church deride us when our lives mirror the world exactly?  What is the difference?  When we can abandon our families, in the name of our needs – it is nothing more than self centeredness, not the self sacrifice to which Christ calls us.  Kinda obeying Christ, or explaining away disobedience for theological or cultural reasons is simply disobedience.


  1. Not only is it self centerednes, it is plain idolatry. True, we can't say such a person is not a believer. But we can say he's not acting like it. And that it is sin. Because the Bible, not we, say so.

    In Titus 2:10 Paul says that slaves, by proper (i.e. godly) behavior according to biblical doctrine can make the Good News about Jesus "attractive' (NIV), be an ornament of(AMP), or adorn the Gospel.

    I don't know Greek, but I can read Strongs. The word for adorn is "kosmeo," and sounds a lot like "cosmetic." By our godly actions we make the Good News more attractive, winsome, attractive. To be desired.

    What can we say about the opposite? Perhaps that by our ungodly actions we make the Good News of Jesus Christ to stink?

    Just wondering....

    1. Great thoughts... Good analysis of the little Greek you know...