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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


If you are not engaged in digging into the Word of God with a community of warriors, you have committed yourself to terminal mediocrity.  You, we, need others with which to interact.  We need to dig deep in the rich mine of the Scripture on our own, then produce what we have found to those men with whom we are fighting through the reality of what it means to live life as an apprentice of Christ in this world while we shoulder the roles of man, kingdom warrior, husband, father, friend, and provider.  I covet that for you.  We need each other.  Not just for encouragement but to challenge and validate our knowledge and practice of following our Savior.
It is essential to be in dialog with other warriors about what we have discovered in the Word of God.
I have written of this before, but it bears repeating and expanding.  I just got off of a Skype session with two of the three men with whom I have been studying the Kingdom of God since last June.  We meet almost weekly subject to travel, etc.  We are different in gifts and temperament.  We are engaged in different ways in working with men and women in furthering their intimacy with our Savior.  To say that the different gifts and similar but different experiences we bring to the conversation deepen the impact would be like saying that Mt. Everest is an impressive hill.  Our different perspectives challenge and enrich each other’s understanding of the work we have done individually.  We do not always agree.  But we always respect and listen intently to each other’s input both measuring what is shared against what we have found while evaluating our findings in light of the other man’s work.  It is a rich time.  It is a stretching time.  It is a challenging time.  It flies by.

You are not limited to your geographic area for this.  We are in four different state and three time zones.  It is not trivial to coordinate the time together.  It is essential.  Fight for this level of dialog.


  1. Well said, Mike! It's the giftedness of the the Body of Christ in dynamic, practical outworking.

    Next to being and husband, father and grandfather it's my greatest privilege to engage with men who are willing to be honest. And usually they are nice, also, but that's not necessary.

    1. Not sure how to take this since you are in the study... are you saying that I am not nice? ;-)