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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Starting to write this I am pulled in about four directions.  There is much that has happened in the past day or so on which I am currently chewing.  But an e-mail and facebook post sealed the deal…

The e-mail was to a group of men with which I meet on a semi regular basis.  We have similar ministry interests, some common experiences, and common friends.  We touch base from time to time to encourage one another on our various journeys.  In the past we have read and discussed a book or two that related to our interests.  The e-mail this morning was suggesting a book that we might read and discuss.  By the way it appears to be a good book.  I had suggested that we do a Bible study together on a topic that relates to our common goals.  It looks like that may be voted down for this book.  That is OK, but…
Reading about the Bible will not transform our lives.  It is only as we are in the Word ourselves that the living Word will change us...
At the end of January I wrote about the power of the Word of God in bringing people to Christ.  That brings me to the facebook post.  It was from John Piper’s ministry Desiring God.  It tells the story of a lesbian who comes to Christ by reading the Bible.  I was personally blown away by the story.  I highly recommend that whatever your current views on the origins of homosexuality you take a moment to read this post.  But her story is not the real one here.

Transformation of our lives into conformity to Christ is not possible apart from the Word of God.  As good as some of (strong emphasis on some, just because something is printed does not mean it is true – stark example of that this morning in a discussion during a Bible study this morning, I digress) the available Christian literature, books about the Bible or by Christians on a topic in the Bible are, they do not transform our lives.  They can only point readers to the source.  It is only as one spends time in the source the Word, that their lives will be transformed.

I like books.  My wife would probably suggest I am obsessed with them.  there are about 30 around by desk right now in various stages of being read and I am working through two on my iPad.  But those books will only change me as I compare and contrast them to the Word of God.  It is in that crucible that I am transformed.  I fear that too many of us are settling for the leavings of others and not engaging in the Word ourselves.

That being said I will join with the group in whatever they decide.