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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spiritual Malpractice

The Sunday school was on – well it was a topic that is central to the Christian life – the teacher was a professor at a local Christian college.  The class was filled with young couples who were the future leaders of the church.  In the four weeks of the class the Bible was not opened.
It is malpractice to teach Christian topics without referencing the Bible or handling the Scripture without care.
The president of a seminary was teaching the Sunday school class.  He was dead on for 3/4ths of the class.  Then at the end of the hour he spun out.  He used faulty logic, including using his authority as president, to explain away the clear statement of the Bible on an issue that he found politically, culturally incorrect.

The conference workshop was on the need for Biblical community.  Great topic.  The workshop leader handed out a sheet that listed the characteristics of a Biblical community.  There was not a Bible verse on the page.

I could go on.

This type of teaching is tantamount to abuse.  In a Christian setting leaders who approach topics in this manner are telling their audience that what they think about the subject is more important than what God has to say about it.  Further, in the case of the seminary president, he is ripping the Bible out of the hands of his class telling them that they need special knowledge to be able to understand and that his take, whether it can be supported by the language of the text or not, is authoritative.  A rational listener to that type of presentation, relegates that type of teaching to the realm of the irrational.

Isaiah 8:20 tells us that those who purport to teach spiritual things apart from the Word of God have no dawn, no light.  I met the result of that type of teaching last night.  I will explain tomorrow.

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