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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spiritual Malpractice Applied

Yesterday I mentioned that I met the result of spiritual malpractice as I defined it.  The reason I think the individual has been the victim of spiritual malpractice is that I am familiar with his background and know some of the core teachings of the “Christian” college he attended.
Bending the Scripture to one's preconceived ideas is spiritual malpractices and can have dire consequences in those who are being taught.
This individual is very intelligent and a driven individual.  He thinks well.  So when someone shares the scripture and his remarks do not align with the plain meaning of the text, it is at best confusing to one who can read, and at worse irrational.  The individual I met the other night fell into the latter category.  He viewed the Bible as a magic book that we as an educated people have grown beyond.

His position is not entirely due to the mishandling of the Word by his teachers, but their approach to the Word, declaring what is plainly said is not what is plainly said, communicates that the Bible is some sort of mystic tome for which one has to have a secret decoder ring.  So this intelligent, rational, being can only come to the conclusion that in order to believe he has to suspend rational thought.  He is not going to do that.  He should not.

His teachers should have done better.  His teachers will give an account, James 3:1 – 2.

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